Monday, April 25, 2011

Even Sandi Thom has problems at her own gigs

Sandi Thom had trouble during her weekend date at The Green Hotel in Kinross, when it was all hot and all. That's date as in gig; not that she'd gone out with the son of the woman on the deli counter at the Co-Op:

In a series of posts on, she writes, "Last night's show in Kinross was possibly the hottest gig I've ever played. To say I was burning is an understatement... And to then discover that the air vents were covered up with cling film was outrageous. I literally could not breathe... For a girl who sings her a** off & plays harmonica constantly I need my air on stage!! I am calling health and safety. It's just not right!"
It might have cooler - no pun intended - had she actually called health & safety from the stage; a musician getting their own gig closed down would have probably been more noteworthy than a series of post-event Tweets that sound a little bit overwrought. (Literally not breathing, Sandi? Burning "an understatement"?)

If it was that bad, why didn't she say something while she was on stage?