Monday, April 04, 2011

My Mom, My Flag, My 94.9: Danny Baker's coming back...

BBC London have shared some happy news:

"Cats and kittens, great and good, riff and raff, hot ginger and dynamite.

Last Friday while watching yet two more dubious DVD's - "And The Same To You" an atrocious 1960 boxing farce starring Brian Rix and "Not So Dusty" a pretty good 1956 romp about a couple of dustmen starring Bill Owen - I realized things could not go on like this forever, sweet though the living was. What was I doing with my life?

With some trepidation I opened my old trunk of showbiz memorabilia that dates my career from my very first TV appearance as the toddler on the Dickie Henderson Show right up to the Good Attendance rosette I received last year from the Gillard Radio Award People for showing up every year at their big night for no apparent reason. Fighting back a tear I was suddenly overwhelmed at just how good this business had been to an old hoofer like me. I saw new perspective on the reviews of my work that I had previously seen as negative: terms like "washed up" "leper of the airwaves" and "over Radio Two's dead body" began to have a new meaning for me. A challenge if you will. Surely at just 61, I had something more to offer than another busted flush like the Cat & Dog Super Bowl and endless days watching "What A Carve Up"?

Therefore I intend to un-retire again. I shall return to BBC London on Monday April 18th at 3pm to give it another go. I realize this will reduce Steve Wright's overall audience figures by more than 300 but it's a tough game we're in Steve. It's just a few vowels from Radio To Rodeo you know.

Likewise it is not my intention to do a "Jay Leno" to Gary Crowley but, down in his heart, he knew this day would come. That he is one of the richest men in British Broadcasting should bring him some succor. I am also endorsing his push to purchase Heart FM and make it an "All Mod. All Day." station.

Anyway, unless the medics make some last gasp cruel objection, that's how it is.

The 18th at 3. Not the other way round.

Croaky, thinner but none the wiser,

Hats may, at your discretion, be worn on the side of your heads.