Friday, April 29, 2011

The O Awards: Like the MTV awards. Almost exactly.

There's no debating what the big event of the week is. That's right, the inaugural O Music Awards.

Yes, yes you do - The O Awards.

MTV did them.

O as in open, ongoing, online. And oh, god, why?

There was one tiny surprise in there - Darryl Hall winning an award, any sort of award, from MTV has to be unexpected - but otherwise, it was just MTV giving slightly different shaped prizes to the same people MTV always give prizes to.

The winners and cringe-making categories in full:

Fan Army FTW: Tokio Hotel
Best performance series: Live from Darryl's House
Best fan forum: Michael Jackson
Most viral dance: Willow Smith - Whip My Hair
Must follow artist on Twitter: Lady GaGa
NSFW music video: 30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane
Best fan cover: Alex Goot - Hold It Against Me
Funniest music short: Lonely Island - I Just Had Sex
Innovative artist: Lady GaGa
Favourite animated gif: Nicky Minaj
Favourite fuck yeah Tumblr: Adam Lambert
Most innovative music video: Andy Grammar
Best independent music blog: Aquarium Drunkard
Best music discovery service: Pandora
Best animal performance: Parrot dancing to Whip My Hair
Best Tweet: Kanye responsible for a music bottle
Best music hack: Invisible instruments

Yes, there was a prize for the best animated gif. I'm sure they just forgot to publish the winner for 'Coolest Geocities page'.

Seriously, though: if the idea was to try and suggest that MTV is best-placed guide to find your way through the billions of music-related websites and services, does spending time and money going "wow - have you thought of Googling Lady GaGa" really do that?