Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Andre dumps his Costa chums

Last year, Costa coffee spent a lot of money getting Peter Andre to promote its coffee, complete with the clause:

"3am online, under all circumstances, must accompany the photographs of Peter Andre with positive text/captions/headings"
That's CAN Associates, making sure that everyone gets value for money. That Peter Andre is promoting the brand shouldn't be used to mock the brand.

So, Peter Andre really likes Costa Coffee, right?

Actually, no: he's opening up his own coffee shop.

So newspapers can't print anything negative about Andre promoting Costa, but he's fine to nip off and open up his own competition, implying he believes that even he can do better. Isn't PR wonderful?

I wonder if Costa can get a refund?


Anonymous said...

The intro-intro paragraph/sentence (bold-not bold) in that article is amusing. It's in the highly non-journalistic inclusion of the "he", I think. Would have been even funnier if the third paragraph was switched with the second so it read "Peter Andre is opening his own coffee shop and he hopes it will be so successful he will eventually have his own chain. Peter Andre is opening his own coffee shop. He said: 'I'm opening a coffee shop...'"

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