Friday, June 03, 2011

Girls Aloud: Dark doings behind the scenes

A few years back, Kaiser Chiefs popped up on light ent confection An Audience With Girls Aloud. It turns out now that Ricky Wilson had got cold feet about the idea:

"By the same token, it felt like the wrong thing at the wrong time. We tried to pull out, but we were basically... threatened. That's all I can say about that right now."
I'm struggling to think of a scenario where anyone organising a Girls Aloud special would be so desperate to keep the Kaiser Chiefs onboard that they resorted to the old "be a pity if anything happened to your drummer" routine. It's fair to say that the band had perhaps started the southwards part of their career cycle at that point.

In other Kaiser Chiefs news, they've launched their new album The Future Is Medieval as a pyramid sales format. You choose ten tracks from the twenty on offer, and make a 'personal' CD. The twist is that, if you can get someone to buy 'your' version of the album, you get a pound. Which is a novel idea, kind of a limited affiliate marketing scheme.