Friday, June 03, 2011

Look East edge around the Britain's Got Talent story

Bryan and Susan Gunn have just popped on Look East talking about Ronan Parkes.

Stewart White offered a "and I believe he was discovered at your birthday party" which felt like either a poorly briefed question, or just a really clumsy way to wrench the lid of the can of worms.

Susan asked "who discovered him?", (on the grounds that there were no outside guests at the party), before then saying there was no party "two years ago" for anyone to not have been present at anyway. Which would seem to be a fairly firm, if slightly confusing, rejection of one of the key claims in yesterday's anonymous note.

She then launched into a further spot of explication - that Ronan had sung at a different family party, but again where there were no outside representatives. Some of the guests had, though, put footage of Ronan singing online.

So, the story yesterday was definitively wrong, at least in some of its early detail.

Equally, though, it turns out it was at least possible for anyone to have discovered footage of Ronan Parkes singing online. Doesn't mean anyone from Syco or Sony did, but you can start to see how, if someone was trying to slap together a plausible-sounding story, that element might have got garbled as the tale was being weaved.