Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The pants war

Having spent the last few years desperately trying to talk up chart battles where there were none, Gordon moves into the clothing department:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is launching a fashion firm to rival LIAM GALLAGHER's Pretty Green.
I'm not sure how you'd measure this to decide on success - is the winner the person who gets the largest coverage of column inches compared to the actual square meterage of cloth they sell?
Robbie's clothes will be in stores this autumn with T-shirts from £35 and three-quarter-length Mod-style coats for £350.

There will also be accessories such as flat caps and polka-dot scarves.
A source said: "Robbie's aim was to create a collection with a heritage feel combined with a modern style."
Hang about, Gordon? "A source said"? That's not an unattributable, off-the-record briefing type statement. It's like Woodward & Bernstein reporting back from Deep Throat that "the president's economic policy will stay the course for the next two years, with early signs of an upturn in the automotive sector."

Maybe there's just a template in The Sun's computer system that only allows Gordon to attribute comments to magazines he's read them in, or anonymous sources.


James said...

"Robbie's clothes will be in stores this autumn with T-shirts from £35 and three-quarter-length Mod-style coats for £350."

Brilliant! I've been looking for mod-style clothes for ages, but nowhere seems to sell them. Every time I wander around Next and Topman, I feel like JR Hartley. "I'm looking for mod-style clothes, do you have anything? Maybe something with an RAF roundel on? Or the Lambretta logo? How about a parka like they wore in Quadrophenia? No? Oh well, maybe next time"

You know what'd be really cool? If his t-shirts featured adverts for fictional surfing schools and US fuel companies, and were made to look slightly distressed. I bet no-one's ever thought of doing that.

Anonymous said...

james, you rock.

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