Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Keeping up

Gordon seems to have missed an interesting little story this morning in his haste to copy out Peter Andre's New magazine column.

Andre suffers a lack of understanding: having heard about Robbie Williams' testosterone injections, he can only assume this is about erectile dysfunction:

Singer Peter said: "Rob, I've got one word of advice - Viagra. I tried it when it first came out and it was hilarious."
In the UK, at least, Viagra is only legally available with a prescription, so it's possible that Andre is confessing to having obtained prescription medication illegally.

Maybe it was prescribed - but Andre is quick to make it clear he doesn't have problems:
He insisted in his new! magazine column that he had not taken Viagra for any trouble having sex.
To be fair to Andre, he did spend some time in Cyprus after his first career failed (older readers might dimly recall he used to be a pop singer before he became... whatever it is he does now) and Cypriot law does allow over-the-counter purchase of the drug, but even so, at the very least, Andre and New! magazine do seem to be advocating the use of prescription drugs without the prescription.


Equally curious is this bit of the story:
The reality TV star offered his advice after The Sun revealed Take That singer Robbie, married to Ayda Field, was having the jabs to boost sagging energy levels.
Gordon seems to have totally forgotten that "The Sun" did not "reveal" anything; it merely copied the story out of Esquire.