Friday, July 15, 2011

Gordon in the morning: GaGa's sticky money

Lady GaGa really doesn't care too much for money:

LADY GAGA's bank manager needs to have a stern word.

The singer has admitted she'd give her money away if she had to.
Right, Gordon. You know that something you have to do is, by its very nature, something that you have to do.
GaGa, said to be worth around £70million, blurted out in Sydney: "Money and recognition were never a driving factor for me.

"I was driven by recognition by showbiz. What does come along with showbiz is recognition, but the money goes right back into the show.

"If I had to give it all away, every dollar that I've earned, I would."
The odd thing is that, if she really wanted to give her money away... well, she could, couldn't she? My understanding of economics is that it is harder to acquire money than it is to distribute it.

Otherwise, it looks like you're trying to have your Sacher Torte served on a silver platter and eat it as well. You're Scrooge McDuck swimming in your large vat if cash, quacking about how you really don't care much for this glittery stuff at all.