Monday, July 25, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Picking over the bones

How frustrating it must have been for Gordon Smart, Amy Winehouse's death coming at the worst possible time for a daily newspaper. Still, there's much mawkish and intrusive speculation he can still rake through - were there drugs at the scene? how long before the body was found?

Alastair Taylor has been charged with trying to suddenly bend the carefully constructed Bizarre narrative around Blake Fielder-Civil into something with more gravitas.:

AMY Winehouse's jailed ex-husband broke down in tears after learning of her death, and admitted yesterday: "I'm beyond inconsolable ... my tears won't dry."
I say "gravitas". I'm misusing the term, obviously. Is there a word for "written in the sort of voice Simon Bates would use for an Our Tune about cancer?"

So, Blake has hastily been recast from 'no better than a Kray' to a sort of Lenny Godber.

Fielder-Civil's current partner, Sarah Aspin, is given way too much space:
Sarah added: "I think Amy could not get over the fact that Blake and I had had our son Jack. I think it hit her pretty hard."
Obviously, nobody knows, and probably will never know, what it was that had been running through Amy's head these last few weeks, months, years and maybe seeing her ex sort-of sort out his life (except for the whole prison-for-burglary-and-firearms thing) was an influence. Trouble is, written down and printed in a newspaper, it sound a bit like you're gloating.

They also drag out Blake's mother to have a little wail about how, if only her boy wasn't banged up, things might have been different:
Georgette Civil said he would feel he "should have been there" for Amy during her battle with drink and drugs instead of being locked up.
He only got sent down last month. And even if we generously assume he could have made a difference, suppose he has turned up, hanging out with Amy, "trying to help". Would The Sun have reacted with delight? Somehow, I suspect not.