Sunday, July 31, 2011

This week just gone

The most-read July stories - a lot of Rogers - were:

1. Roger Daltrey confuses U2 with socialists
2. Morrissey decides Norweigan slaughter a good time to mention how bad KFC is
3. RIP: Amy Winehouse
4. You can't use Too Drunk To Fuck to sell beer
5. Phil Collins admits he doesn't like music
6. Roger Taylor takes on Murdoch
7. Roger Daltrey joins the immigration debate
8. What The Pop Papers Say: Getting the Amy edition right
9. Gordon Smart ignores the 'private funeral please' request
10. Why Amy Winehouse was like a plumber, according to HuffPo

These were interesting last week, although it's a fallow period for releases:

Peter Murphy - Should The World Fail To Fall Apart

Download Should The World...

Rufus Wainwright - House Of Rufus 19 disc box set

Download Songs For Lulu

Various - Story Of Blue Beat 1960

Mickey Newbury - An American Trilogy

Download An American Trilogy

Lots of Macaroni And Cheese