Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dead Kennedys: Getting too drunk is BAD

Kronenbourg 1664 has been getting bands to record slowed-down version of thrashy, punky songs. Unfortunately, nobody thought through getting the current iteration of the Dead Kennedys to record Too Drunk To Fuck. For a beer advertising campaign.

Drinks industry marketing watchdog the Portman Group, which operates a self-regulatory code of practice, received a complaint about the promotion and the use of the track.

The Portman Group's independent complaints panel said that while Kronenbourg had not "set out to promote irresponsible drinking", nevertheless the "track name and lyrics referenced drinking to excess, thereby associating the brand with immoderate consumption".

It added that this represented a breach of its industry code, which bans alcohol promotions from "encouraging irresponsible or immoderate drinking".
No word yet from the group which regulates the Punk Industry on charges that working for an expensive lager company brings The Dead Kennedys into disrepute.


Paul said...

For the sake of context here, it's worth noting that the DKs have largely brought themselves into disrepute by effectively removing all of Jello Biafra's rights to their old material and then whoring it off for whatever they could get. If you ever catch Biafra doing his spoken word schtuck (which is worth it, if the opportunity arises), he usually tells the story about how his former bandmates and label completely screwed him over. A proper rock'n'roll fairytale, so it is.

H. said...

Too Drunk To Fuck is an anti-booze diatribe written by a fanatic tee-totaller. It's perverse of the current DKs to whore it out to a drinks company but one has to wonder what the advertisers were thinking. I'm not sure how boasting of starting fights or rolling down the stairs with brewers' droop could possibly be seen as promotion for their swill.

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