Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lady GaGa shocked into silence by Winehouse death; unfortunately not for long enough

The death of Amy Winehouse was, literally, unspeakably awful for Lady GaGa. Or so she claims:

Lady Gaga has revealed she was so devastated by Amy Winehouse’s death she couldn’t speak for 48 hours.

The Judas singer appeared on The View chat show, which aired in the U.S. earlier today.
Blimey. To be that upset, GaGa must really have known Winehouse really well.
Even though she never met the Back To Black singer.
Lady Gaga then went on to explain how a lesson should be learnt from the death of the singer, who she described as ‘the most lovely and nice and kind woman’.
She was so lovely and nice and kind that GaGa knows she was lovely and nice and kind despite, erm, never having met her. Not even once.
She told the ladies of the ABC panel: ‘I think the most unfortunate thing about it all is the way that the media spins things, like we can learn from Amy's death.'
Perhaps one of those lessons might be for people not to talk about stars like they knew them if they don't really know them. For a start.