Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Worst chart battle ever

In his tireless bid to create some sort of chart throwdown, today Gordon is trying to suggest Example's Playing In The Shadows is wrestling with 1.

1. Yes, because one of the most rotten Beatles compilations has been re-released, Smart is convinced there's a fight on. He's been helped in this by Example sending a jokey text claiming it was only The Beatles who could stop him getting to number one.

Did Gordon bother to do any research for this? Even on iTunes, where the collection hasn't been available before, 1 is at 3; over on Amazon, 1 currently sits at, erm, number 49 in the sales chart.

I bet Example can feel the breath of the two that are still breathing on the nape of his neck with sales that close.

Ex isn't keen on the idea of old records gumming up the charts:

"It would be pretty ridiculous if songs released 30 to 40 years ago were beating me."
Gordon's response?
He should take it as a compliment to be in a chart beside them.
Really, Gordon? The acts who are in the chart alongside you reflect on you in some way? How does that work? "I want to send Example a message that I like his records. Therefore I shall buy two Beatles records at the same time. It's the ultimate compliment."