Thursday, September 15, 2011

Victoria Newton: A kind of homecomng

Those of you who have been reading No Rock for a while will remember that back before Gordon Smart's dismal showbiz coverage, Bizarre was the awful kingdom of Victoria Newton. Her high spot was having to run a humiliating apology to Nigel Martin-Smith after she ran Robbie William's lyrical attack on the man.

More recently, she'd been plying her trade at the now-defunct News Of The World. But unlike some other staffers there who were offered jobs in the middle of nowhere, Newton has been given a job right at the heart of Wapping. She's now going to edit the Saturday edition of the paper. Virtue, clearly, brings its own reward.


paul wells said...

Hand on heart, would you say you preferred Victoria or Gordon as a source of material? Personally, although I feel nostalgia for Vikky, Gordon's clueless laddishness does have a certain bumbling charm. I like to imagine he operates in a Kasabian-infused bubble, protected from the screaming Armageddon which must have swallowed the rest of Wapping.

By the way, the first link appears to be broken.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I think the way you can glimpse the desperation in Gordon's eyes in those photos, and the writing about Kasabian suggesting that he does have passions (however misdirected) that don't involve writing about photos of Beyonce's knickers adds an element of pathos to his work.

Will fix the link.

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