Friday, October 14, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Pushing Pixie

I don't suppose anyone would object much to a marketing message for Pixie Lott's range of clothes being disguised as a news story on Gordon's pages, had it been disguised as a news story:

That’s a Lott of clothes now, Pixie

PIXIE Lott has released so many Lipsy clothing ranges, it's easy to forget she's a singer.

Here she is modelling two new designs for the store. It's a wonder she had time for upcoming second album Young Foolish Happy.

Hope she turns her hand to designing lingerie...
Now, obviously, it would be wonderful if she got a job stocking shelves of a branch of Peacocks and couldn't get time off to make any more records, but why didn't Gordon just go the full distance and merely list available sizes, prices and colours?

Elsewhere in The Sun, there's a straight-faced article which tries to float the idea that Gary Barlow is some sort of sex symbol, apparently not even noticing that his "beard" appears to be printed onto a sheet of plastic and attached to his chops.