Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Showbiz Zoe with Zoe Showbiz goes to Romford

You'll remember Zoe Griffin, the former Sunday Mirror showbiz writer who now... well, you remember her.

Let's catch up with her "live like a VIP" blog where, yesterday, she went to a shopping centre in Essex to watch some people from a gameshow do a PA. That's less living like a VIP, more like living like someone on their way to Greggs to pick up lunch.

The PA was from Little Mix, off the current series of X Factors. You'll recall they used to have a different name. Zoe certainly does:

The band, who had to change their name from Rhythmix to avoid trouble with a long-established charity with the same name (don’t mess with do-gooders), bounded on stage to rapturous applause at the shopping centre.
"Don't mess with do-gooders" - what a nasty, sneery way of dismissing a charity which has been doing good work with young people for years. There's an implication ("to avoid trouble") that this was some sort of good-natured tussle, rather than a case of the band having to change their name because it refused to roll over simply because Simon Cowell attempted to bulldoze their name off of them. Griffin conjures a vision of angry do-gooders rather than good people having their work disrupted by an entertainment programme which thought its marketing needs were more important than people who help people.

Still, fair play to Zoe for pointing out the fundamental flaw in the day:
After the gig came the signings. As the band don’t actually have any material of their own yet, it made this particular part of the day a bit difficult.
At least they've got a name of their own, I guess. Or rather are able to use a trademark owned by Simon Cowell.


Craig said...

The best bit about her website is her iPap Celebrity App, who's top of the "All Time leader board? zoegriffin!


Anonymous said...

her blog is so bad she even thanks Radio 1 for putting on the CAPITAL FM JINGLE BELL BALL (written all over the back boards of her own pictures)


James said...

I can't face visiting her grotty site - Is she still touting that obscure energy drink, crowbarring a mention into every post? It was painful. "I saw Reg from One Direction at the opening of Basildon 99p Store yesterday. He looked quite tired! He could do with a crate of Catzpizz Energy Drink, the unique blend of caffeine and bright-green would perk him right up!"

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