Monday, December 26, 2011

We need to talk about '11: July

Let us first take a moment to thank the higher powers for saving Will I Am from a tiny grease fire.

You remember when Sting and Trudi were found to have unfairly got rid of a staff member for having become pregnant? They remember, and still fume at having been bested by a little person. Roger Daltrey, former American Express pitchman, had some things to say about immigration. And Morrissey decided that the mass murder in Norway was no worse than farming.

Trent Reznor warned people off the Pretty Hate Machine re-release while Celine Dion had a site showing ridiculous pictures of her closed down. Closing themselves down, The Kings Of Leon had a live 'mare.

Sony admitted that the Minidisc Walkman was never going to take off. As it tossed out CD racks, HMV insisted it was committed to music. Borders was sold on to the knacker's yard.

Dan Wootton found himself out of work as the News Of The World closed but thought we'd miss him; Paul Gambaccini, for one, was pleased the paper had gone. Its place was taken by We Love Pop magazine. Over at Radio One, Andy Parfitt stood down.

Splitting: Rilo Kiley and The Von Bondies. Returning: Dexys.

For one week, at least, the NME got it right.

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