Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Womble rumble

Mike Batt is not a happy man. Why is he unhappy?

Because The One Show has failed to treat the Wombles with the respect he believes they deserve.

He triple-tweeted:

"One Show" - very unfairly just played (couldn't be more than 3 seconds ) W. Merry Xmas to Carol King in "Cracker or Turkey" vote. - (more)

- she's a yank, never heard of Wombles, - -and the other two songs got at least twiceas much screen time and were voted "crackers" (more)

..ever had the urge the kick the TV in? What a shitty thing to do in the name of "TV". I don't often get angry.
But isn't it better to be voted "cracker" if the alternative is to be thought a turkey? Isn't being called a cracker a good thing?

And, seriously, Mike: it's some men dressed up in woolly costumes, being judged in a segment on The One Show. Is it really, seriously, worth getting so very angry about? Do you think Great Uncle Bulgaria would approve of that shower of intemperate tweetage?