Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brits 2012: I imagine this is how Capital think they'll claw back their investment

Awkard on Tuesday when One Direction thanked Radio One for the Brit award organised for them by Capital Radio. Not sure, though, I'm buying this as a genuine response, albeit appearing in MediaGuardian:

Global Radio boss Ashley Tabor and his director of programming Richard Park, who were at the Brits, were both said to be upset by the incident.

An appearance by One Direction planned for Wednesday on Capital was dropped. The band are also understood to have been bumped down the station's playlist with their music said to be conspicuous only by its absence this morning.

"One Direction as far as Capital are concerned are only going in one direction," said one industry source.
Oh, sure, there'll be some pouting and foot-stomping, but do we really believe that - having polled their audience to find out their favourite band - Capital will then drop that band?

Or will they just make a fuss and stick out a press release to try and wring a bit more publicity from the sponsorship deal in light of all the fuss?