Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dappy owes it all to drugs

Dappy who, let's be clear, doesn't do drugs any more, believes the drugs he used to do - emphasis on the 'used to' - are what makes him fascinating:

He said: "I was never doing drugs to Amy Winehouse's extent but I could've really gone downhill. I could've easily stayed on drugs because I've got the money.

"Of course I'm not [still taking drugs]. I'm fresh and I'm clean. I've got two kids. But if I had none of that past, I'd find myself boring. What would I have to rap about?"
Did Dappy mention that he doesn't do drugs now?

Imagine that. If Dappy hadn't in the past done drugs, he might have been reduced to farting out empty songs completely devoid of anything interesting to say. What a crazy world that would be to live in, eh?

Just to be absolutely clear: Dappy doesn't do drugs any more. Did you get that message, kids? Dappy says it's probably vital to do drugs when you're younger, otherwise you won't have any experiences to draw on later, but don't do them to the extent that they kill you and make sure you stop before it would appear in the papers.