Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston death: a massive inconvenience

Someone send for Christopher Elliott, as tourists are demanding refunds. Following the death of Whitney Houston.

People who were staying on the fourth floor last week when Whitney died want the Beverley Hilton to refund their room charges.

At first, this just sounds like a ghoulish bid to get a freebie, but when you look at what they had to put up with, you might have a bit of sympathy:

TMZ spoke with several guests who stayed on the 4th floor when Whitney died -- the same floor Whitney had been staying on -- and they tell us ... the entire floor was on lockdown over the weekend, making their lives miserable.

We're told guests couldn't walk down a hallway without being hassled for their key cards by hotel security -- to prove they were, in fact, guests of the hotel.

Worse ... we're told law enforcement and EMS were running all over the hotel all weekend, creating an intolerable ruckus -- making it impossible to get a moment's quiet, let alone sleep.
You might think that a hotel proud of its luxury status would accept that 'dead celebrity down the corridor' is grounds to not expect people to pay for the night, surely?