Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Chipper Williams

The only thing more crushing than Robbie Williams launching a Robbie Williams themed poker site is the amount of over-excitement it has created in Tessa Munt:

Ms Munt said: "I am absolutely outraged by this. I think it is deplorable.

"Robbie Williams of all people should be sensitive to the problem of addiction.

"I don't believe there is anything harmless about gambling in this way. The problem is escalation, and he must know what this is like.

"There's no excuse for doing this. Young people are hugely susceptible to this sort of advertising and I am totally opposed to it. It directly targets his fans, including a new generation of children."
I'm not sure it entirely does - it's more a playing-for-matchsticks type gambling, where you can win Williams tat; there's an element of paying for some virtual chips, which is tacky but hardly justifies the reaction of Munt:
She said: "If he wanted to be generous with his time and merchandise surely, with all his enormous wealth, he could visit his fans in his home town and sign posters for them?

"I hope he puts every single penny he makes from it into addiction charities or to help victims over this kind of problem.

"I'm very surprised he is doing this. I think it is awful."
It's tawdry, but is it worse than any other site which offers free games that you then find you have to pay for. I'm all for attacking Robbie Williams, but it hardly seems fair to pick on him for what is a fairly common practice. That much, anyway.