Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gordon in the morning: This is like That

We're knee-deep in the fawnathon for the Jubilee, and Gary Barlow is leading the fawning:

GARY Barlow has branded Prince Harry the “Robbie Williams of the Royal Family”.
I'm pretty certain that's treasonable, isn't it?

Oh, hang on, he means it as a compliment:
“Harry is the star of the Royal Family, he is the Robbie of the Royal Family.”
You can hear the unsaid here, as Barlow thinks "and I'm the William, the one who does all the work and gets overhsadowed by the gurning clown time after time... but I SHALL BE THE KING.. So, in your face, Harry/William."

Other members of Take That are, obviously, Prince Edward, I'm afraid.