Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Bad call

There's a photo been released by Bliss magazine of Little Mix bouncing about, styled after a girl's night in. Gordon seems a bit obsessed by it, though:

BLONDE X Factor winner poses with phone as she reveals girlband are still in touch with Tulisa
WONDER how long the other Little Mix girls waited before they told Perrie Edwards she’s holding a telephone and not a microphone?
Obviously, for the column which gave us Piers Morgan, Andy Coulson et al, misuse of the telephone is something of an expert subject, but is it really such an odd pose that it's worth mentioning not just as the intro, but also the teaser for the story?

And how come Gordon either doesn't seem to have noticed or care that, er, one of them appears to be singing into a lollipop.