Monday, August 27, 2012

Gordon in the morning: The fame monster

Oh, can you imagine the horror of being in Little Mix?

Yes, you probably can, as it's going to be a lot like everyone else's life.

Hang on a moment, though, it apparently involves getting mobbed:

LITTLE MIX star Jesy Nelson relies on her mother to avoid being easily recognised in public.

The singer admitted it can turn into quite an ordeal when she’s mobbed by fans.

She said: “I’ve started getting my mum to call me something else instead of my name when we’re out shopping."
Really? There's a massive subset of fans who would recognise your name but not your face?

Unless, maybe, your mother calls out things like "Jesy Nelson from Little Mix - yes you do, off the X Factor, imagine The Saturdays on powersave mode - could you get me a packet of Paxo from the gravy aisle, please." Then I guess it might happen.