Friday, August 03, 2012

Gordon in the morning: You are old

Tony Hadley, out of the past, is convinced that Danny Boyle got the Olympics opening ceremony wrong:

He told Absolute Radio: “If I’m honest I would have liked a really young band to have closed it.

“If you’ve got Sir Steve Redgrave handing over the torch to the youngsters, it would have been nice to have had One Direction. They’re our biggest export at the moment, pure pop.

“One Direction with the Royal Philharmonic, with about 100 singers in a choir, behind them.

“To me that would have been the new generation kind of thing.”
Hadley's acute nose for putting on a great show explains why his former arch-rivals Duran Duran spent the evening of the launch playing a massive date in Hyde Park as part of the Cultural events surrounding the games, and Hadley was sitting at home tutting.

It sounds like Hadley was desperately hoping for a rerun of that awful moment when Leona Lewis popped up out of a double decker bus at the Beijing closing ceremony. Has he heard One Direction? Seriously?


Unknown said...

That's a bit harsh. Hadders was headlining at the York Racecourse on the day of the opening ceremony. Admittedly the local paper used a picture of Clare Grogan for the main picture so you might have a point

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

The funny thing is, I spent quite a bit of time looking at both Hadley's website and a couple of other listings sites trying to find out if he was gigging at the moment - that date didn't show up. Anywhere. It's almost as if he's... hiding them...

Personally, I'd rather be on stage with Clare Grogan than Snow Patrol, I guess...

Robin Carmody said...

I think we all know what "pure pop" means in this context (and, indeed, most contexts) - "they don't look like Dizzee Rascal" pretty much covers it.

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