Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paul Ryan receives enthusiastic endorsement from the late 1990s

Remember Kid Rock? He was an answer - well, half an answer - on TV's Nick Knowles' Secret Fortune quiz last night, and to cap a magical weekend of being a cultural footnote, he's come out in support of Paul Ryan. Although, to be honest, when the pair appeared at a Michigan fundraiser, it sounded more like Ryan was endorsing Rock's run for office:

“We take pride in people’s success, we don’t resent people for being successful in this country,” Ryan said, referring to Kid Rock. “Look at this creator right here – the fruit of his labor coming from his mind, his talents. He took his path to find his happiness, and he is realizing his dreams and he is paving his way. Only in America can you do this. That is what this country is all about.”
Ah, yes. The dream of beating the crap out of someone outside a Waffle House. The dream of beating the crap out of Tommy Lee at the MTV Awards. The dream of beating the crap out of Jay Campos.

Ryan is, of course, an outspoken defender of the institution of marriage:
"Marriage is not simply a legal arrangement between individuals. The institution of marriage is an integral part of our civil society and its significance goes well beyond eligibility for benefits and similar considerations."
So how better to celebrate that than share the stage with someone primarily famous for making sex tapes and getting divorced from Pamela Anderson after five months, eh?


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