Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gordon in the morning:Obama pants

Obama's second term is down to Katy Perry, reports Gordon Smart:

KATY PERRY is taking credit for BARACK OBAMA’s election win after buying him a pair of lucky Y-fronts with his face on them.
Nothing would give you confidence like discovering your four years has seen you reduced to a novelty figure picking up skidmarks.

But tell me Gordon: is Katy really claiming her comedy knickers brought victory?
[A source said] “Katy’s been saying he won because of the lucky pants.”
So it was just a joke, as you, erm, recognise:
That sense of humour explains why her marriage to RUSSELL BRAND was so brief.
But, of course, if you admitted from the outset that you're writing about a weak gag... Why, there'd be no story at all...