Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gordon in the morning: And the Oscar for furthest missing of the point goes to...

Yes, the idea of the We Saw Your Boobs song was to parody the idea of what "Seth McFarlane hosts the Oscars" would be like. Although you can't help noticing that even by doing the song in the massive quote marks of 'beamed back as a warning from history' doesn't disguise a massive attempt to have the cake of snickering about breasts while eating it from an ironic distance.

The selection of the breasts was worse - even if the cloak of metahumour had been drawn more successfully round McFarlane's shoulders, when the giggling is about, say, Hilary Swank acting out a real rape that happened to a real person, or Scarlett Johansson having her phone hacked and her privacy violated (a crime which resulted in someone getting a ten year sentence), you're in the middle of an act which should probably never have got as far as being pitched at a planning meeting.

But there's a further circle of degradation to ride round. This morning, Gordon Smart - I presume still chuckling "heh... boobs" - has slapped together a gallery of all the boobs mentioned in the song. (Except - oddly - Scarlett's. It's almost as if phone hacking isn't seen as a fit topic to joke about at News International.)

McFarlane, at least, can claim he was trying to be funny. What exactly is Gordon trying to do?