Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All killer, no filler. Okay, some filler

Down in the comments on the Donna Allen album being a little padded, Chris Brown asks:

Did you ever see that best of Indeep where half the tracks are sound effects?
I hadn't, but this is what the internet is for.

Not only did Indeep pad out The Collection with about half-a-dozen sound effects, but someone at Amazon rather hopefully expects you might want to buy them as individual mp3 files at 69 pence a pop.

The highlight would be twelve seconds called "toilet flushing", which seems to consist mostly of silence.

The good news is the toilet went solo shortly after recording its part for this album, and will be out supporting Lawson on their US dates later this year.


Anonymous said...

OK so I just went and done some completely unnecessary research on this and discovered that the b-side of the 12" of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life actually had sound effects tracks including "toilet flushing". So these aren't merely filler (although they blatantly are), these are tracks from the Indeep back catalogue that are considered more worthwhile of compilation than some actual songs. It makes you wonder what on earth those songs might sound like.

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