Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unexpected re-release of the week: Donna Allen

I usually restrict todoing a tweet about the most unexpected re-release of the week, but Donna Allen's Perfect Timing is worthy of a closer look.

You'll probably best remember Donna Allen from this single - which was, genuinely, a thing of wonder:

But BBR might be worried the rest of Allen's career, and thus the rest of this album, might not chime so strongly in the memory.

So here's how they've dealt with that, as they expanded the tracklist from the original:

1. Serious
2. Sweet Somebody
3. Satisfied
4. Daydreams
5. Wild Nights
6. Perfect Timing
7. Bit By Bit
8. Another Affair
9. Bad Love
10. Serious (12 Inch Extended Remix Bonus Track)
11. Satisfied (12 Inch Long Version Remix Bonus Track)
12. Sweet Somebody (12 Inch Dance Mix Bonus Track)
13. Serious (Single Version Bonus Track)
14. Satisfied (Single Version Bonus Track)
15. Sweet Somebody (Single Version Bonus Tracks)
16. Serious (12 Inch Delirious Mix Bonus Track)

Yes, that's Serious four times. 25% of the tracks. And just three songs account for 62.5% of the entire tracklisting. My love, tell me: are you serious?

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