Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hear the sound of Distant Drums

Simon Worrall, who drummed with the Paris Angels, died suddenly and cruelly in 2011.

In his memory, some of his friends have come together to create a tribute album, with the hopes of raising a bunch of cash to help Clint and Hector Boon's Hector's Care Chair Fund, a Manchester hospital kid's charity. The aim is to provide comfortable chairs for mothers of premature babies to be able to spend time for "kangaroo care" with their children.

There's all sorts of interesting people involved with the album, including Mani, Mark Burgess, the Thrush Puppies, Dubsex, Martin Stephenson... come on, surely the name "Thrush Puppies" is enough to make you want this, right?

If you need further convincing, here's a sample:

Here's a bit from the Bandcamp page for the project:

BIG SI, as everyone knew him, was the friendly drummer in Paris Angels, who passed away in October 2011. Si was big in stature ~ at 6'4" ~ and big in personality. To give you a handle on him, he was a mixture between Keith Moon and Tommy Cooper ~ a merry prankster that always had a one-liner ready for everyone and all situations. He was never punctual and sometimes infuriating, but you could never stay mad with him because he had a heart of gold and a rapier-like wit to match.
The album is out on March 4th. But you could give money now, if you wanted.