Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reebok dump Ross, eventually

Plimsol company Reebok have ended their relationship with Rick Ross after somebody pointed out his pro-rape song:

Reebok released a statement on Thursday announcing it had severed ties with Ross.
"Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand," the statement read. "Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so. While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse. At this time, it is in everyone's best interest for Reebok to end its partnership with Mr. Ross."
For a company which makes things for people to run in - they also manufacture singlets - they seem to move incredibly slowly. But they got there in the end.