Monday, February 03, 2014

Miley Cyrus has a request: 'Don't look at my arse'

I think this is an attempt at a rebooty from Miley:

Singer wants audience to focus on her singing not her rear
It's true, Miley Cyrus is much more than just a desperate 'look at me' twerker.

She sometimes sticks her tongues out, too.

Actually, she's just worried she can't waggle her butt and chew gum sing at the same time:
"When it's such a visual show, I'm not going to get up there and dance because I've got to sing live," Cyrus said in an interview Thursday night. "So it's like to have things that people can watch other than me ... not about me trying to keep up with choreography."
Here's the thing, Miley. Most singers tend to entertain the audience with singing. If you're worrying 'what on earth will people watch while I'm doing the singing', you're probably in the wrong business.