Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Even James Arthur hates @jamesarthur23

Did you know James Arthur is still going? And still on Twitter.

Obviously, he's not totally allowed to do his own tweets, but the poor sod tasked with sending tweets on his behalf is having an uphill struggle, as Complete Music Update has snickered at:

Arthur’s ‘people’ tweeted: “Well it’s next Sunday peeps – and we think your mum would #LOVE a copy of #JamesArthurTheAlbum. Don’t you? JA HQ”, to which the man himself responded: “HQ please stop writing things like ‘we think you would #LOVE this and that’ or ‘everybody #GETDOWN and buy this…’ It’s embarrassing”, and “Stick to promoting Paul Potts please. Thanks. #LOVE”.
Arthur's solution was to suggest putting a superfan in charge of the Twitter account. But surely if there is such a thing as a James Arthur superfan, they'd be tweeting to themselves?

By the way, your mum phoned. She just wanted to stress that she really doesn't want a copy of James Arthur's album, and if you even think about getting one for her, you're out the will.