Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not for the first time, Cerys Matthews is right

Stirring news in the battle for our BBC from the new Radio Times:

The BBC has a new champion in the form of a glamorous full-throated female lead singer of a majorly successful Welsh rock band from the 1990s.
I'm presuming this is Ann from Ectogram we're talking about here? Oh, hang on, no:
Cerys Matthews, solo artist and former lead singer of the band Catatonia today told that the British public needs to stand up for the BBC – or risk losing it.

“We all need to defend the BBC,” she said at today’s launch of a raft of new arts programmes.

“We should all see it as our BBC. We need to remind everybody that we all own it.”
Obviously, being employed by 6Music means she's not totally unbiased, but Cerys Matthews is right.