Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MTV launches stalker-friendly app

It's not an actual stalker app, of course. It purports to show your places where someone you know might be "so you can avoid them". Which is, like, totally the opposite of what a stalker would do. Except for the 'gathering information about a person's movements' bit.

The Things I've Done To Impress Women blog goes into more detail, and even took the time to ask MTV's PR company, Insider, about why they'd launch such a terrible thing. (Although given this is a privacy worry, I might have redacted the PR guy's direct phone numbers from the screengrab.)

Insider seem okay with it - all the information is in the public domain, so that's alright then. When Jon from TTIDTIW points out that it's the aggregation which is creepy, Insider's response is that he should "blog about it, then".

All publicity, of course, being good publicity.

Seriously, MTV: When did you start being quite so creepy? Is the terrible TV show you're showing really worth attaching your name to this sort of thing?