Thursday, August 28, 2014

Selling Houses with Papa Roach

Here's a lovely story of domestic bliss: Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix has sold his house, and his realtor is delighted:

Elizabeth Glyzweski of Lyon Real Estate, who worked on the sale with partner Anthony Metz, also of Lyon, said the touches Shaddix and his wife Kelly added to the home helped it sell.

“Every time they’ve purchased a home, they made it fabulous,” Glyzewski said.
And why is Shaddix moving? Is it to get closer to a hellmouth? Is it he needs more space for his monsters of annihilation in the backyard? Does he just need somewhere he can rock out louder?
But not only was the house in far better shape than one might expect from a former rock star owner, the couple moved for a very everyday, domestic reason: They wanted to be closer to the school their kids are attending.
Ah, by day, a beat-pumping rock beast bellowing about Hollywood whores; by night, a sharp-elbowed parent juggling league tables and catchment areas.