Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Forever: May

This month was some sort of high spot for Lee Ryan, who got drunk, arrested, and pissed in the cells. Which might not sound like a high spot, but compare it with the rest of the year.

Brotherhood Of Man could have gone to Eurovision, but chose Selsey instead. They missed all this fun.

"Get orf my land" is normally said by someone holding a gun, but at Brian May's place, it's the gunmen who get turfed off.

Britney is now, effectively, a danger to life and limb on the dancefloor, according to a lawsuit. Not a risk for Avril Lavigne, who refused to get within touching distance of fans who'd paid for photos with her.

Will I Am got a chance to say don't you know who I Am? I am I Am, but didn't.

Frank Turner started judging dog shows; Tony Hadley invented a beer and The Misfits had a row over who was allowed to flog their logo to Hot Topic.

Offered the chance to perform with a hologram of her dead brother, Janet Jackson politely declined.

Metallica were announced as headliners for Glastonbury, perhaps the only band to be announced as Reading and Glastonbury headliners in the same calendar year. (They were announced for Reading 2015 this November.)

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