Saturday, March 05, 2016

Iggy Pop applies for work

Iggy Pop wanted to work with Josh Homme, so he, erm, sent him stuff:

"I was looking to make high-quality, non-band solo work, where you really put both feet into it," he said. "I’d been skirting around it: doing an album in French, or a soundtrack, or a reunion band album. I wanted to find the best and he’s the best. I sent him a dossier on me by FedEx: written form, no email. I sent him three essays I’d written on my sex life about specific people. I also sent him an interview I did with an eminent critic here in New York about his concerns about my career."
I'm not Homme's biggest fan, but even I recognise he probably wouldn't have needed an Iggy Pop primer to decide if he wanted to work with him. Homme would be unlikely to have got a note about working with Iggy Pop and needed to fire up Wikipedia.

Maybe that's wasn't what Pop was going for. Maybe he thought Homme needed persuasion and would have been on the phone screaming "okay, no more details about what you put into whose butthole. I'll work with you, just stop sending the stuff..."