Saturday, March 05, 2016

It's not like anyone ever liked Staind, is it?

Aaron Lewis, who must take most of the blame for the work of Staind, has chosen his favourite from the US Presidential hopefuls. In his primary, he supported Ted Cruz, but does intend to throw his weight behind any blowhard if that's the way the pre-nuclear wind blows:

"Listen, I like the fact Donald Trump has come in and shaken things up and said a whole lot of things the establishment doesn't want to hear him say and the people did want to hear him say," Lewis said. "But at the same time, there's an expectation for somebody being presidential in nature, and he disappoints me with the bickering and the name-calling. It's just not very presidential behavior. But I would certainly vote for him if he becomes the candidate."
Lewis, then, loves the way the guy says what he thinks. Except it turns out he doesn't, because it's name-calling. He wants Trump to be presidential, but he doesn't want Trump to behave like he's part of the establishment.

Lewis doesn't really have a coherent position, and seems confused about what parts of the US political system he respects and what parts he doesn't.

No wonder he's endorsing Trump.