Thursday, September 08, 2005

KATRINA: The uberpost

We didn't really think there was going to be much point in a post to keep track of the Katrina material, because there seemed to be not much to say in a music-related blog about such a horrible event. But then, of course, Kanye West made it very on topic, and stories about benefits came in, and musicians losing homes, friends and family.

We know that The Minor Fall... has a point:

but we have a hard time getting worked up over the fact that some celebrated New Orleans musicians are missing. It seems a bit crass what with all the other New Orleanians missing as well; what's the story here, "Famous People Not Waterproof Either"?

... but, on the other hand, we tend to record when former members of Sigue Sigue Sputnik develop bunions, so it'd be odd not to mention the near-washing away of Fats Domino. Added to which, it's really hard to get an idea of the scale of what's happened - an accurate, firm, sense of the scale, more than "big" or "fucking huge" or "bugger, that's big"; "areas the size of the United Kingdom" and "cities somewhere between the size of Birmingham and Sheffield" are useful but don't really work for us (is a Sheffield a proportion of a Wales?). The growing list of musicians who've lost their life's posessions is a starting point to giving a scale: double that, for builders; double again for bakers and bankers; double again to take into account lube merchants, burger flippers, librarians and florists...

These are the stories so far; we'll keep updating as more come in.

Thursday 1st September
Britney prays, Green Day plays
George Bush plays the guitar as New Orleans drowns
Fats Domino missing

Friday 2nd September
Domino found; Celine offers a million
Alex Chilton missing

Saturday 3rd September
Kanye West departs from the script: George Bush doesn't care about black people
CD Baby rallies to the cause

Sunday 4th September
More Kanye West reactions, while Macy Gray rolls sleeves up

Monday 5th September
Celine Dion - not your normal political beast

Tuesday 6th September
George Bush Sr and Barbara: black people love our son
Michael Jackson announces plans to announce plans to announce plans for a charity single

Wednesday 7th September
Britney offers to auction placenta; Kanye silenced by NFL; Prince makes downloads ready
Alex Chilton is safe
Jay-Z, and Louisianan artists back West

Thursday 8th September
Republican Biloxi residents 3 Doors Down say 'no more blame'; Ray Davies ignores them

Friday 9th September
Laura Bush: Kanye West is disgusting
C-Murder goes missing; is found

Saturday 10th September
Telethon take two; Pepsi keeps fizzing for Kanye

Sunday 11th September
Displaced by Katrina, Gatemouth Brown dies in exile

Tuesday 13th September
Additional benefits: Motley Crue and Linkin Park link up
Jackson: is he actually getting a record together?
Usher defends Kanye; Kanye talks with Ellen
TV On The Radio make statement with free mp3

Wednesday 14th September
Oasis make ill-considered tribute
Telethon audiences somewhat low
Doctor John scoffs at Harry Connick

Monday 19th September
Benefit round-up

Saturday 24th September
Brian Wilson makes that call

Tuesday 18th October
GOP students protest against Kanye

August 2006
Mos Def arrested outside the MTV awards


Anonymous said...

Though I might disagree with some of the positions you have taken in some of your hurricane related posts, I agree with you here and not TMFTML's take on this point.

If Domino or Chilton was missing, I would think you would write about it, regardless of whether it was due to a hurricane.

Moreover, there's going to be a major debate coming over the nature and extent of the rebuilding of New Orleans. One of the arguments for a major restoration of the city would be to preserve and sustain its historic contributions to American arts and culture. Thus, the effect of the hurricane on the musical community in the city is completely relevant, not only from the standpoint of a music blog, but also in general public debate.

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