Sunday, July 02, 2006


What could that all be about, then? Noel Gallagher phoned in to the Russell Brand 6Music show this lunchtime (the man of the people was shopping in Hamleys for a birthday gift for one of his nephews, considering a child-sized Bentley) when the topic drifted onto yesterday's Gay Pride.

At first, Noel was his familiar grumbling self, complaining about the disruption to traffic caused by the march and taking bemusing offence: "it's like they think we still don't get it."

You wonder why the queer world might think there are people who don't get in 2006: could it be because of people like Liam Gallagher saying things like "at times the England players seem to play like women. Beckham and others, they’re gay boys"?

Under some prompting from Brand, Gallagher then insisted that if he was gay, he'd be the biggest gay in the world:

"I would be gayer than Freddie Mercury."

The thought of Noel Gallagher prancing about in lurex isn't one you want on a day when sweating is already about all the body can manage, is it?

A giggling Russell suggested that the 3AM girls might be interested in Noel suddenly getting in touch with his gay side, to which Noel replied:

"In a manner of speaking, I may have done already."

Blimey. Before anyone could really attempt to consider what being gay "in a manner of speaking" meant, Noel was focusing on his need to buy a toy instead. Let's hope, though, that those words don't start to follow him round like the "bisexual who's never had a homosexual experience" clung to Brett Anderson for so long, eh?


Anonymous said...

Noel aside.. I was pretty annoyed to be thrown off a bus ten minutes from Oxford St yesterday, all because of a bloody parade.. was like being back in Northern Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Blimey - I didn't know Transport for London had introduced a dress code!! Exactly how inappropriate does a costume have to be ?

Anonymous said...

Exactly how inappropriate does a costume have to be ?

I found that wearing a t-shirt with 'if you can read this I left my backpack on the tube' written on the back does the trick.

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