Sunday, July 02, 2006


The last seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun, condensed:

The ten most-accessed items:

1. Heather Mills' porn past
2. More of the Heather Mills McCartney naked previous life
3. The eternal "Is KT Tunstall a lesbian" question
4. McFly naked video shoot requires no widescreen lens
5. France introduces law banning one-player digital downloads
6. The Janet Jackson diet
7. Heather Mills saved by Wayne Rooney's ankle
8. iPods come from iSweatshops
9. Sleater-Kinney declare no more No Rock & Roll Fun
10. Peaches Geldof's new boyfriend didn't know they were going out

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And if a thirty-billion cash injection from Warren Buffet was burning a hole in your pocket, we had ideas for that:

This time, it's a Parisian art punk take on Bela Lugosi's Dead and Blue Monday

That's singer-songwriters as in Robert Wyatt, Daniel Johnson, Mary Margaret O'Hara...

BMX Bandits' album from last winter gets a higher-profile re-release

Rummage round the Kitchen archives turns up Swans, Sonic Youth, etc

Three singles in, iLikeTrains try a mini-album

Season 4 of Quantum Leap, starts with the one where Al leaps instead and never loses the momentum

Taking orders for the Alan Ant tell-most autobiography

Gladys Knight has a crack at some standards

Radio Stars' 1977 mini-songs reissued

Not new, but worth having: The Danse Society collection