Sunday, June 25, 2006


The week on No Rock:

The most-read stories this week:

1. Heather Mills porn burst
2. Heather Mills porn burst #2
3. We don't know. Is KT Tunstall a lesbian?
4. Janet Jackson gets her weight under control with five meals a day
5. McFly naked
6. Vince Welnick, RIP
7. Heather Mills did some soft porn, too
8. Theresa May confuses Jack White with Ricky Kaiser
9. Top of the Pops axed
10. JJ72 split

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And we basically pointed you in the direction of these fine new releases:

Smart psych comp, including the Budweiser-suing Standells and Electric Prunes

Episode Two: A New Hope (of the states)

TV's Paul Morley chooses well over three CD's worth of Manc-Scouse post-punk

Brian Molko. Tony Visconti. Kristeen Young.

Get well soon, Rachel Goswell

We've never been entirely convinced about Frank Black's solo stuff, but there's no denying he's made another album

This, apparently, is the "legacy edition" of Sweet's Girlfriend

What's that coming over the hill... is it a novelty band, or is there something more?

Re-born Sandy Devotional... time to upgrade your Triffids

Plot holes, etc, but... Kate Beckinsale. In leather.

The entire Black Books in a single box

Includes some of his Corrie & Bootsie & Snudge work, as well as his single dramas - both Jack Rosenthal and ITV are now, sadly, dead

Long-awaited UK release for The Presets' Beams

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