Sunday, June 18, 2006


What we got up to on No Rock and Roll Fun while it was too hot.

The ten most- read individual stories this week:

1. Heather Mills did some porn, you know
2. Some porn, we say. Heather Mills.
3. The one married to Paul McCartney
4. Vince Welnick, RIP
5. And she was a hooker. Possibly.
6. That's porn, and Heather Mills
7. Heather Mills licked cream from my dinkle, claims man
8. The papers alert people who may have missed it to the hardcore porn featuring Macca's wife
9. Judge agrees to show jury, press R Kelly's "child sex" video
10. Even a week of Heather Mills' mimsy isn't enough to stop people asking 'is that KT Tunstall a lesbian'

We should point out, for new readers, this is a music blog and not totally dedicated to detailing Heather Mills' porn career.

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And while your friends were off staring at a plasma screen in a pub shouting "give them one in the goal", you could have been enjoying all these:

A shed of Bowie-related rarities - including Lulu and Mick Ronson

You can't be a hispter without a Joan As Policewoman album

Nice carpet - Tidyman's?

Replace your dodgy c90s of the Delgados on Peel

Ex-Cocteau Robin Guthrie's insturmental loveliness

ROC: essential weirdness rather than repeated releases

The film that inspired Duran's Wild Boys video

We've not heard the name Bardo Pond since Peel died

The "& beyond" suggests just how much padding is on this greatest hits, but if it sells well maybe Dannnii will retire

Everything The Primitives did for Lazy. Everything. Four 'Really Stupid's, for a start

The Longcut's second cut

It wouldn't be summer without the French avant-garde

Kirk Brandon's Theatre of Hate enjoy a re-release fest

Soft Cell live in Milan, late enough on to ensure no cat-food smearing