Wednesday, June 07, 2006


For a newspaper that claims to be disgusted by them, The Sun seems more than happy to shoot Heather Mills' porn photos onto the front page again and again: today is day three of "these pictures are so horrible, we just have to show you them."

Victoria Newton is back to having to handle the story on her own. We worry about her having to constantly keep flicking through this book, again and again and again. Is she not worried about the risks of becoming depraved and corrupted? Or a little more depraved, a little more corrupted?

Anyway, even The Sun realises that without at least trying to think of a new story, it might look like it was just publishing hardcore porn to turn a quick a profit, and so Newton provides some fresh words to go with the pictures.

Supposedly, the bloke who appeared in the pictures with her is now looking to sell his story - we wonder if this story will eventually wind up in The Sun? Oddly, while you and I might think he was just another model who appeared in the photo shoot, The Sun insists he's actually Heather's "porn pal".

Then there's some speculation on what all this means for the divorce settlement:

Yesterday it emerged her divorce settlement from the former Beatle could be slashed.

Lawyers for 63-year-old Paul are bound to cite her pornographic past as grounds for his payout — until now estimated at £200million — to be reduced.

Although actually, Victoria, when you say "emerged" you mean "occured to me that perhaps" - this is such a lame piece of speculation they've not even bothered to ring up a tame lawyer to give a supporting quote.

Newton, meanwhile, has found a whole new reason to be outraged by Mills' behaviour:

Heather is in talks to do a warts-and-all interview about her split from Paul — on AMERICAN TV.

American TV? That hussy

She has told CNN host Larry King she is desperate to tell her side of the story. Heather has been approached by a string of British TV journalists including Sir Trevor McDonald. But she favours King as she has often appeared on his show — and believes she will get softer treatment in the States.

Softer treatment from King than from McDonald? That's like weighing up the relative merits of down from ducks against down from geese, surely? Mind you, we can see the advantage in going with King - the way US TV has been forced to self-censor since Janet Jackson's nipple, he's not really going to be able to say very much about the content of the photos.

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