Saturday, June 10, 2006


The Sun isn't letting up on its Heather Mills battle, today adding video of Mills auditioning for 'glamour' (i.e. tits out) shots in London. [LINK NSFW. Unless you work for the Sun).

Of course, they can't really get in too much of a froth about this - Heather is effectively trying out for page three, and the paper knows that even its readers might spot the hyperhypocrisy in attacking a woman for appearing in the sort of photoshoot The Sun thrives on.

Still, it's good news for those girls who don't make page three but still harbour that ambition - even if you're not page three material, you can still get your breasts into the paper providing you become famous enough.

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Ru said...

I just sent a rather essay like letter ti the sun abount this. Have =never done this before but felt drunken hot anger over lorrainne kellys rather unessaersary comments today. think i may have lost it.

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