Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The stylish glint of your cheeky little iPod is looking a little tarnished this morning, as Foxconn, one of the Chinese manufacturers, admits it made its workers toil eighty hours a month over the basic week [Edited - see comments] putting the machines together.

Eighty hours - that's longer than the battery life on some of the models.

More disturbingly:

Foxconn's PR then made life worse for Apple by saying that a team from the Cupertino based outfit had investigated its operations and given it the thumbs up.

Which means, at best, Apple are happy to let the wool be pulled over their ie - sorry, eyes - or, at worst, they're happy for workers to toil for hours and hours and hours and...

[Thanks to Karl T for the link]


Anonymous said...

80 hours a day?? You mean, 80 hours a month more than they're legally allowed to?

But how many hours a day does that actually work out at?

I'm not good at maths :-(

simon h b said...

Yes, 80 hours a day would be excessive even by the worst standards...

Eric2 said...

link appears to go to nothing specific on that site now. Someone made them take that down?

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